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Firefox OS is Dead? No!

I wake up this morning with a bad surprise.
On social network and tech blogs there is that news, Firefox OS is dead.


Why close Firefox OS after the release of FFOS 2.5, of B2gDroid, the launch of FFOS Participation Hub and the FoxFooding program?

What is the situation?

I received different contacts of people that ask info about that but there are only thoughts and that official comment: http://techcrunch.com/2015/12/08/mozilla-will-stop-developing-and-selling-firefox-os-smartphones/
But there is a tweet that explain the real situation:

#Mozilla will stop offering Firefox OS phones through carriers. But we will continue improving web experience on smartphones. #mozlando


Ari Jaaksi Ari Jaaksi SVP, Connected Devices, Mozilla

Fake news

In few words this is the actual situation on tech blogs and social networks.
Firefox OS is not dead, now Mozilla don't have partnerships with carrier like telecom etc...
The rest is the same!

The problem

I've started an etherpad to track all the sites (in the various languages) that share that news https://public.etherpad-mozilla.org/p/ffos-dead and I've started to contact to alert that situation.

PS: This is not an official communication but only an help for the other mozillians in the situation, like me, to reply to all the questions from social etc.

Also an explanation of the situation in italian here by me http://forum.mozillaitalia.org/index.php?topic=65600.0

@BrendanEich @ImYoric We focus on UX -- advanced users, developers, designers! We have a sufficient means to flash phones / work with OEMs.


Ari Jaaksi Ari Jaaksi SVP, Connected Devices, Mozilla