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JavaScript, Scaling and Microservices – a team that can’t be beaten

JavaScript and Scalability – isn't this just asking for trouble? Or are we already crossing the finishing line? And what role are Node and Docker playing in this epic tale?

Is NodeJS scaling? Of course it is. But what about JavaScript in general? What happens if you really want to scale? If you want to scale even beyond the server limits? Even beyond the cluster limits? Well, these are all fascinating and important questions – especially nowadays, when applications are most successful when they prove to be able to adapt to ever-growing user numbers.

This brings us to Johann-Peter Hartmann's Night Session titled "Drone Army – Scaling JavaScript", which he will hold at the JavaScript Days 2016 in Munich. We couldn't pass this opportunity up so we decided to shed some light on the upcoming session. We discussed about the following topics:

We invite you to have fun with our interesting insights and outlook into the world of scaling and JavaScript.

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