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Mozilla Firefox OS shifting focus to IoT

As you may probably learned already, Mozilla has announced during it’s own event last week in Orlando that it will no longer continue signing new deals with mobile carriers.

This started the discussion and many stated that Firefox OS is dead, which actually isn’t true. The message delivered by Ari Jaaksi was that the focus with Firefox OS will be shifted to the Internet of Things working on various devices like TVs, boards and probably smart watches.

It was sad to see it announced this way without any clarification just after it was delivered to the public. This spawned a lot of comments on the web with many being simply the end of Mozilla’s mobile operating system. Firefox OS for mobile devices was doing better, more countries were having the official devices signed with more and more carriers.

It’s hard to say why it happened as official statements doesn’t say much. It’s probably because of spending too many resources on this project while Mozilla is relatively very small company compared to Apple or Google and couldn’t afford to fight the battle with iOS and Android. Firefox OS was gaining traction and interest, even the press was mostly on it’s side, but it looks like it was not enough.

The operating system itself will live on, the next releases are scheduled for the near future, there are quite interesting plans for Firefox OS on Panasonic TVs and other devices and manufacturers, so there’s still hope. After all smartphones are still the devices we use everyday and will be an important part of the Internet of Things in the future.

Firefox OS IoT

Ari Jaaksi says that there is a future in Firefox OS for smartphones, but it will be targeted for advanced users, developers and designers – that sounds very promising.

I would say “keep calm and Firefox OS” – after all the IoT explosion will be bigger than the smartphone revolution.

Firefox OS is changing and evolving, and now it’s time for the next chapter.