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Mozilla working on a tablet a stickTV, an intelligent keyboard and a router

We mentioned earlier that firefox os isn’t dead. Mozilla has some great plans for firefox os. These internal documents obtained by Hypertext shows the future of Mozilla Firefox preparing detailed OS beyond smartphones and include Panasonic TVs & these documents detail the new plans of Mozilla.

Mozilla Firefox OS futuro

Firefox Pad

Mozilla Firefox OS Pad

In the internal document prepared Mozilla Firefox Pad. One tablet of 10“ Firefox OS that would have automatic updates, and not count on cellular connection, at least in the initial model, the manufacturer unknown until the moment. Jumping the Mozilla complicated relationships with operators. Hypertext has learned also that the main objective of this Firefox Pad is the education market.

Firefox Pi

Mozilla Firefox OS Pi

A keyboard with touchpad built, which would mount a similar Chirimen or APC Rock Via internal plate. The documents reviewed in design has a certain air of keyboards like the Logitech K400, and would be focused to be transported and connected to any monitor or TV.

The aim would also be the education market. A source close to Mozilla Firefox indicates that Pi is “an embryonic time.” The same document describes the possibility of an agreement with Kano or the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

Firefox Hub

Mozilla Firefox OS Hub

The idea of ​​a whole house completely hackable router with the new Mozilla plans for connected devices. Firefox OS could be very strong not only its own router, also running Firefox OS to routers from multiple vendors.

The possibility of a system of open, secure and automatable tasks with code persuade many, or so they think of Mozilla. The same source specifies that Firefox HUB could be a range of different companies.

Firefox Stick

Mozilla Firefox OS Stick

The idea of Google Chromecast or Amazon FireTV Stick and the PC with an HDMI stick with Windows enjoy wide popularity, and more interest in Lenovo sales Ideacentre. The project is being taken in Mozilla, they see a great opportunity to create an inexpensive device that “traditional televisions become smart TVs” with Firefox OS for TV, and updatable by Mozilla itself. Details on DRM support content, something that Mozilla recently finally accepted reluctantly.


As for complete TV, Mozilla has been in talks with other TV manufacturers to adopt Firefox OS on their devices, but so far no new agreement has been approved.

Mozilla wants to focus on the education market and emerging and developing countries. And “care” markets traditionally “close” to Mozilla as Eastern Europe