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Privacy for Normal People

Mozilla cares deeply about user control. But designing products that
protect users is not always obvious. Sometimes products give the illusion
of control and security while in reality offer little or none - a practice
security expert Bruce Schneier calls "security theatre." On the web, icons
or other elements of design may assure users while not accurately
reflecting the true status of the users' privacy. Ultimately this risks
eroding user trust.

Our speaker, an experienced product designer, will share findings of work
she did in financial services to help us better design our products to
accurately reflect a users' status and options on the web, building
increased confidence and trust.


Kat Matfield is a digital product
and service designer. She's worked with start-ups and large corporates to
help make innovative new digital services or improve existing ones. In
2014, she spent most of the year researching and designing a new privacy
product targeted at normal internet users. She's fascinated by all the
areas of life in which people believe strange things and behave
irrationally – and there's few better examples of this than privacy.