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Test and automate your JavaScript

I have build an NPM package, Chrome extension and Firefox extension to automate and test your JavaScript.


Here is an example test script:

var list = [
        function: 'testFunction',
        params: [
            'example value'
        delay: 2000,
        check: {
            example: 'example value'
        input: 'input[name=email]:eq(0)',
        check: '[email protected]',
        value: '[email protected]'
        event: 'button[form=login]:eq(0)',
        type:  'click'

var test = new Clickr(list);



First you see a test that calls a function.
In this case the function testFunction.
There is also 1 param send, so the script will call testFunction('example value').
You can also delay tests, e.g. if you know that some tests only can run after x time.
The default delay is 100ms.
If the function returns an object, you can check if the values are the same you expected.

You can also add a function to your test script, and used in your test.


The next test will search for input elements.
You can check if the value is the same you expected, and you can set a new value.
Both are optional.


The last test will scroll to an element, and trigger an event on an element, e.g. click.


When you run a test, you receive in your Devtools console a result, e.g.
Clickr result