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WebExtensions in Firefox 47

We last updated you on our progress with WebExtensions when Firefox 46 landed in Developer Edition (Aurora), and today we have an update for Firefox 47, which landed in Developer Edition last week.

While WebExtensions will remain in a beta state in Firefox 47, we’ve made lots of progress, with 81 bugs closed since the last update. As of this update, we are still on track for a milestone release in Firefox 48 when it hits Developer Edition.

There’s a new way for you to get involved! Tell us which APIs you’d like support for by filling out this survey, to help us better prioritize them. We have also created a wiki page filled with resources to support developers through all the changes coming in the add-ons world.

APIs Implemented

Adding keyboard shortcuts that trigger actions in your extension arrived with the partial implementation of commands. This allows developers to map key presses from the manifest to actions in your add-on.

With the partial implementation of downloads you can download files from your add-on and get updates of the download progress. You can also search through the existing downloads using the search API.

Several additions and changes in webRequest have been included in Firefox 47. These prelude even bigger news for add-ons that focus on security and privacy to work perform the sort of network inspection needed to do their job. More details on these changes are covered in Giorgio’s blog post.

Also completed is the i18n API and we are getting closer to completing the bookmarks API.

More of the tabs API have been completed, including:

Several improvements have been made to the windows API, including :

  • Added support for creating a new window from an existing tab, popup-type windows
  • Querying and changing a windows’ minimized, maximized and fullscreen state.

All asynchronous methods which accept a callback function will now return a Promise if not callback is passed. These promises resolve at the same time a callback would normally be called, and reject with the value of lastError in cases where that would otherwise be set. Additionally, onMessage listeners may now return a Promise object if they wish to send a reply. When the promise resolves, its resolution value will be returned to the sender.

WebExtension manifests now support a “creator” property, which is displayed in the Add-on Manager, to indicate the author of the add-on. Additionally, manifests are now fully type-checked at startup, and any type errors or unexpected properties are reported to the Browser Console for inspection.

For the full list of API changes, please see the bug list.

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